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Pipeline Solutions Merchant Services -

Ready to look at credit card processing to take your sales to the next level? When you offer credit card processing to your customers you have more buying customers and larger sales overall. We offer the full spectrum of merchant electronic payment services from your phone jack or wireless hand held unit all the way up to multiple POS Systems to choose from and we offer the most sophisticated technology in the payment industry.

We want to see your business thrive so we work hard to help you process with ease. We work with all businesses whether you are a start up or a large Corporation we have solutions for all. Already work with a merchant Service Provider but want to see how do we compare?  Send us your processing statement from your current payment solutions company and we will do a cost comparison to show you your savings with us.  Not only do we have low or comparable rates but we also have many programs to choose from that might fit your business better. We are partnered with ExpiTrans Inc.  One of the top 10 solutions provider specializing in payment processing and related services for financial institutions, merchants, and payment processors. ExpiTrans offers a full suite of end-to-end payment products as well as development, integration, deployment and management services of back and front-end processing applications. ExpiTrans also provides front and back office business process outsourcing, consulting, management, and contact center solutions for its clients worldwide.

Our Product Suite Includes... 

Cash Discount Program -

Eliminate up to 100% of your Merchant Processing fees! Provides the option for Merchants to charge a different price for cash versus credit card payments.

Traditional Pricing -

If Flat Rate isn't a good fit, you can always go with traditional cost plus or tiered pricing.

E-Commerce and B2B Solutions-

multiple gateway options for your e-commerce business, and virtual terminal and invoicing options perfect for B2B merchants!

Flat Rate Pricing -

Our Flat Rate Program offers true flat rate pricing with no monthly fees!  It is perfect for cash discount or if you just want to simplify your pricing approach!  It is one low rate for every type of transaction, including EMV and NFC, Magstripe and Mobile, Virtual or keyed in, and Ecommerce.

A Full Suite of POS Solutions -

 Mynt POS, Korona POS, Hot Sauce POS,  Clover and more.  The variety we have to fit your business with the one that makes sense.

NO Cancellation Fees -

We have month-to-month contract with no cancellation fees!