What We Offer…

Marketing – 

Have a Business Idea and need to get your new business started?  Give us a call and we can walk you through the steps to bring your idea to life by creating a business plan and then creating the company one step at a time. Once we get your idea onto paper we can start the process of building your business. We can help you get going with our Marketing Department.  We have all the tools to start you off right!  New Business / Company Start up, New Logo Design, Business Card Design, Advertising Flyers, Mail and Email Campaigns..

Merchant Services –

Need a Merchant Account?  We have everything you need to get started.  With our full range of Processing equipment we are able to fit your company with the right one.  We have everything from the phone Jack or hand held wireless units all the way up to multiple POS Systems.

Want a price comparison on your current processing company to see if we can get you a lower rate or find you a better fit?  With our many different programs we are able to fit your business with the plan that makes the most sense.  Send us your statement and we can fit you with the correct program for your business and show you the savings you will have with our lower your rates and fees.



Appointment Setting –

Need to kick start your Start Up Business?  Cold Calling not for you but you need more sales?  Follow up on email campaigns?  Cold calling is the one part of the sales process that everyone hates!  Lucky for you we love it!  We love calling in and getting that 1 appointment for you that you have tried for months to get!  We love making the connections with the right people for you to meet with!  If you are having a hard time getting into your dream company or just need more sales in your pipeline, give us your list and we will get you into more companies faster than you can.  Don’t have a list?  We can do that too! We will send you in to meet the right person so you can add those extra sales to your pipeline each month. We are a Business to Business call center.  We work with the small business that is just getting started all the way up to the Fortune 500 companies.

Customers that we work with are Business Office Cleaning Companies, Insurance Companies, Mortgage Companies, Avaya Phone Systems with voice & data cabling and Hosted & Cloud services, IT Security with full threat protection, network visibility and control, firewalls and security around the deep dark web.  Some of our IT Security companies that we are working with are within the top 500 to watch for 2018 like Palo Alto Networks, KnowB4,  and ZeroFox.

So I ask you, What’s in your Pipeline?  Let us do the digging and calling for you, get you the appointments off  your list of companies so you can start adding to your pipeline, hitting those monthly goals and closing more sales. Give us a call today!   Work with our team to generate extra revenue and help your company grow.  We are affordable!  Many different price plans to help you start off that can fit your needs.  Give us a call today to get started.