Because we are the smart choice from beginning to end.  We are the one company you will be proud to keep in your back pocket!  With our full range of Marketing Solutions, we are able to help your business from Start to Finish.  Starting with an Idea, bring it to us and we will help you develop that idea into a business plan, set your company goals and make that business plan come to life.

We will help you build your website, get funding to hire staff, set up your merchant service account for taking payments, plan your targeted areas, set up your marketing lists, and then have us call to get appointments for your sales team.  We strive to give our clients the BEST SERVICE Possible, become a seamless part of your team.  We want your company to feel like we are in the office with you and they can count on us to set up any appointment they want with the assurance that when they go meet with the customer they will have a better meeting than they expected.   Everything we do helps you to be more successful, Close more sales and overall increases your ROI.  We do all the work to bring the sales leads to your door handing them off so you can close them.  We care about your business and want to help you grow and be successful.

Monthly Sales Goals?  Not getting enough Sales?  Appointment Pipeline helps you fill that pipeline with client Meetings so you are one step closer to closing more deals and bringing in more sales.  Why not let us set up your appointments so you can do what you do best.  Sell sell sell.

With 20 years of experience setting appointments for companies of all sizes in both commercial and Government, it was quite clear that I needed to use my knowledge and start my own company.  In January of 2017 I went out on my own.  I started working with 4 companies as a contractor and in Jan of 2018 it had grown so much by word of mouth that I needed to start hiring people to help me.   I trained them and now we have just exploded with work. I hire more and train them so that we can keep up with the work provided.  We all work very hard to get you into the right companies with the right people so you can focus on what you do best and close the sale.

Here at Pipeline Solutions, you have the choice to pay us hourly, per meeting or per meeting plus commission.  We work with you to find which budget works best for you.  So no matter how big you are, if you are just starting out as a new business or if you are a well established business we are flexible enough with our different programs to your budget needs.

Because of the way we are structured, you are able to work with us according to your budget and we are flexible enough that you never have to leave us.  If we have sent you too much work and you need to catch up you can be placed on hold until you are caught up.  Otherwise we work hard to get you what you need each month.

If you are looking for a team that works for you, then we are that team.  Give us a call today and let us get started soon filling your pipeline with potential sales.

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