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Every Business is different which means each industry has different specific accounting needs.  With 30+ years of experience on our team we have many specialized skills for those diverse businesses that require an array of specialized bookkeeping, accounting and tax solutions.  With our experience and knowledge, we are able to advise new business accounts or start-ups up to very large corporations with industry-specific issues regarding budgeting, accounting implementation and tax compliance. 

Our team continues to learn and grow keeping us on top of any new industry trends or issues so that we are able to provide our clients with the absolute best financial advice available while providing you with the best service possible. 

Accounting book keeping

Industries we specialize in-







Medical Practices

Property Management

CPA Firms

Real Estate





Not ready to hire a full time CFO for your business? Hire our company part time to help you organize your business financially, set up all your reports and processes so that you are able to get the best results from your small business. We can also offer that leadership and ongoing support to help you understand each key financial facet of your business so that you can make the best financial decisions and grow. Outsourcing is the way to go if you want to grow because we work with so many different industries that we can guide you keeping your needs in mind without breaking your budget.

Full-Service Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Vendor Bill Management, Customer Management, Streamlined Reconciliations, Process Payroll, QuickBooks, Reporting, CPA Assistance, Management-Level Reports, Sales Tax, Financials, Chart of Accounts Management and Tax Form Processing

Accounting, Payroll, and Time Keeping Software Implementation and Setup

If you don’t have an IT Department, don’t worry. We are able to make sure you have the right hardware to run your software. This is one of our specialties. With your budget in mind, we are able to work with a partnering agency so that if your business needs any upgrades to your technology, we are able to provide you with the necessary tools to get you what you need so that you can get it .

Payroll Services


Services are scalable from single-state, single-office workforces to multiple states, offices, and tax jurisdictions Integration with leading small business payroll processing platforms like ADP, Paychecks, Harpers, and Payright We also offer in-house payroll processing services through our own system — contact us for more information.

  • Support for any mix of part-time, full-time, hourly, salaried, and performance-based compensation plans
  • 401(k) processing
  • Tax and other government reporting
  • New employee onboarding, change management, and terminations/resignations
  • On-call expert support for your questions


To small or can’t find a good Human Resources Manager? Hire ours! It is Cheaper to outsource one and it doesn’t matter how big or small you are! We keep all your employee information secure. I-9 forms, credentialing, vacation time, sick time, doctors’ notes, etc. are kept in one place so you can have immediate access if any personnel issues arise.  Your data is kept in an encrypted software specific to the industry with all protocols and firewalls in place.  Our security is mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Human resource service
  • Employee withholdings and benefits contribution rates
  • Open enrollment and add/change/drop orders
  • ACA reporting
  • New employee onboarding, change management, and terminations/ resignations
  • On-call expert support for your questions
  • Annual review of all employee benefits, solicitation of new quotes on benefits, and implementation of those benefits
  • Management of the Open Enrollment Period
  • Payroll
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Health Insurance Procurement
  • Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Procurement
  • Employee Records
  • Personnel manuals
  • Documentation scanning
  • Unemployment and unemployment claims and hearings
  • FMLA


We specialize in providing documents and manuals for your employees as well as general business documents, financial statements, documents dealing with state or federal taxation, and more. If you have something that needs to be created, we can provide you with all the essentials. Yes, we are able to help you with this hard task as well.  You need to hire the right person, right?   Let us help you.  It takes so much time for you to do this, meanwhile you are falling behind on other things you need to get done!  We can help!  We are able to take over this daunting task for you.  We have access to not only local employees but also candidates all over the country willing to make a move for the right position.

Talent recuirement

Place advertisements in the employment community locally and or nationwide, depending on your position needs
• Accept all resumes through our service
• Weed through all the candidates that do not meet the job requirements
• Personally interview every candidate that makes the initial cut
• Hold the second round of interviews
• Fully investigate all candidates with background checks, educational credential checks, national criminal record background checks, security clearances, and any and all references
• A full potential employee profile is put together for each candidate who makes it through all the background checks
• Resumes and profiles are presented to you for your review
• You hold final interviews

We are able to bring you the right person / people so all you have to do is say “Welcome to the family”. When considering your next hire(s), let My Pipeline Solutions help you find the perfect candidate.



How is your business health?  Is it exploding at the seams or do you feel like it is stuck?  Are your sales the same day by day, not going anywhere, just there?  Do you feel like you might need a change? Maybe if you offered more products or did something different you would see a change but you don’t know what that would be or what it would look like?  Let us help. Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to look over what you are doing and where you want to go.  Sometimes you have been doing the same thing for too long and you can’t think of what you need to do to change.  We are able to help with new ideas to help create a new spark in yourself and your employees.  Speak with your staff to see what their thoughts are if they think anything needs to change or if they have any ideas moving forward and we can help you plan it.  

financing service

We will meet with you to discuss what you’re doing now, what you want to do, create your goals, and start to build your pipeline out to get you to where you want to be.  We can create financial projection plan for you to show you what it would look like in 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years out.  By laying out the individual changes you want to see we can develop a plan so that you can implement changes in a timely manner to move in the right direction on a scheduled plan to reach these goals.    

New business


So, you have a business plan, and you are ready to start your new adventure!  What do you do first?  Well let us help you get started the right way so you don’t get into trouble with the State with legal and financial problems before you get going.  You need to follow your state’s set-up rules.   My Pipeline Solutions can help you right from the start to do this process correctly.  We have the knowledge and experience to help guide you so that you can make the right decisions right from the start.  We will help you choose what type of entity you will need for your business and the best state in which to incorporate, file the appropriate start-up documents, establish a tax plan, set up financial systems ensure Social Security compliance and proved for health insurance and other employee benefits. Choosing the right type of Entity is very important and we can help you do that.  We can explain the difference between each one:

Corporation Types





Every business comes to a point in time where Executive Management will decide they need to reorganize either the company as a whole or certain departments, moving management, department heads or employees to other departments, sometimes changing the salary and bonus programs and sometimes there might be layoffs. My Pipeline Solutions is able to come in and help as we sit down with the owner or CEO of the company to see what can be done before any changes are made.  We will listen to the desires, goals and needs for the business, put together the budget to see if they are able to make it happen.  We meet with each department to find out their needs and find out the performance of each employee within those the departments so that we can see where changes should be made.

organization business

We will take all the information we collect company wide, analyze it and create a report with our recommendations for your restructure that will meet your business needs to help you reach your goal.  Once we complete the reports, we will meet with you and your staff to present our suggestions.  We encourage any edits, comments, questions or concerns that you or your team might have which we will include in a revised report and final restructuring plan for you to approve.  Once approved we will help you implement the necessary changes to get you to your goal.


Our team here at My Pipeline Solutions are Certified Debt Councilors.  If you are drowning in debt either professionally or personally we can help with that and provide you with a plan to be debt free.